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The Artist:

David Josan is a SONG ARTIST, which means he uses a combination of fine-art and song to tell a story.....

David Josan Musician Story-Teller

David has a back catalogue of unpublished songs, and an abundance of ideas for new material, but will reserve publication until accompanying artwork is complete, which may take some time.
Meanwhile, a small number of songs, including Populist Playground can be sampled here, and on streaming and download sites.

Populist Playground:

In 2019, after a lifetime as a businessman, writing songs in his spare-time, David decided to flip and become a full-time artist practicing business consultancy in his spare time. 
He recently completed his first major work POPULIST PLAYGROUND, as a first year student project at YouTube University. 

About this piece David says.... is not intended to be partisan, and I declare that I am a big fan of Donald Trump as an entertainer.

To quote that old cliche, I just held the mirror up to Populism, and this is what I saw:

An entertainer who climbed the tree of election campaigning, and woke up the next morning to find to his surprise that he'd won! So, he jumped onto that vehicle beloved of all comedic entertainers and tweeted on through a reality TV show of a lifetime.

But, as with all of the most successful entertainers, you can't be a hit without both fans and detractors in equal measure:

  • To his fans - he won again! How can the lights go out on such a fantastic show?!

  • And even to his detractors, largely the liberal elite for whom he was as politically effective and corrosive as pissing into a bowl, he will secretly be missed for his entertainment value. For they too used to check in for his morning tweets with anticipation and trepidation.

One thing that both can agree on - a return to conventional grown-up politics will be dull by comparison.

But we must get back to fixing the world. Is the show really over? Populism USA RIP?

And which way will his UK protégé turn now?

As Grayson Perry revealed in his "Big American Road Trip", the liberal elite are unwittingly responsible in part for giving rise to Populism. They will need to look outside of their delusional comfort bubble and fix the problems that alienate and exclude so many from the cultural and material wealth that they enjoy. And they only have four years to make significant progress!

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